SCADAGate+ Server

Cyber Security Solution for Critical Infrastructure, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems

SCADAGate+ Server

SCADAGate+ Server is a centralized management server allows process engineers, managers and operators to monitor, manage and control complex OT environments.

SCADAGate+ Server also responsible to the traffic analysis process of the data collected from SCADAGate+ Agents and can manage many SCADAGate+ Agents.

Using the SCADAGate+ Server dashboard you can monitor your OT network efficiently, detect cyber security anomalies and prevent cyber security attacks or malicious activities.

Additional SCADAGate+ Server modules allow also to monitor OT network, manage SCADA hardware equipment, control OT network activity, manage your OT security policy, and discover your OT network and SCADA hardware equipment.

SCADAGate+ Server modules and feature list:

Network Monitoring
Allows to collect OT network traffic data from SCADAGate+ Agents

Centralized OT Cyber Security Policy Management
Allows to manage large-scale of SCADAGate+ Agent appliances in order to manage and control large and complex OT environments.

Inventory Management
Allows to add and manage OT network hardware equipment include PLCs, HMIs, Servers, etc…

PLC Models Classification Module
Allows automatic vendor and model classification of different OT network and SCADA related hardware equipment include PLCs, HMIs, Servers, etc…

OT Network Discovery Tool
Graphical tool that draw OT network topology, active hardware components and the relation between them in real time.

Anomaly Detection engine
Allows analysis and detection of malicious activity and cyber-attacks in OT network.

Machine Learning module
Allows to collect OT network traffic and to analyze behavior of OT network and hardware equipment.

Process Learning Engine
Allows to analyze process related commands, values and set points (MIN/MAX, I/O combination, trend correlations, etc…)

Auto-Discover Module
Allows passive detection of new guests devices and hardware equipment the OT network.

Detection of SCADA cyber-attack tools
Allows detection of cyber-attacks tools and different behavioral patterns of other tools include scanners, fuzzers and enumeration tools.

Detection of SCADA cyber-attack vectors
Allows detection of abnormal access and connectivity to target devices.

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