Advisory Board

Mr. Daniel Ehrenreich

Critical Infrastructure and SCADA Expert

Mr. Daniel Ehrenreich is a SCADA and Cyber Security Expert with over 30 years of actual experience combined with marketing and Sales capabilities. Experienced in writing technical papers on SCADA applications and Cyber Defense Solutions.

Mr. Daniel Ehrenreich consulting to Vendors of Cyber defense solution for targeting the SCADA market, and presenting at conferences on integration of SCADA and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Col. Uri Hayik

CTO, IBM Israel

Col. Uri Hayik is a technology executive with over 30 years of experience in research, design, development and implementation of advanced and innovative cyber security products, solutions and architectures for different industries and companies.

Uri brings vast experience in unique fields as ICT Manager at Israeli Air Force (IAF) and Lockheed Martin and currently he act as the CTO of IBM in Israel.

Mr. Shlomo Yona

Head of Algorithmic Research, F5 Networks

Mr. Shlomo Yona is a skilled and experienced Algorithms and Software Engineer with over 17 years of full time research and development in the industry and in the academia.

Mr. Shlomo Yona is experienced in forming development teams, research teams and R&D groups from scratch into a synchronized unit that delivers high quality software deliverables. Shlomo brings an incredible ability to conduct independent research and development as well as leading or participating in a research and development group.